Caravan repairs by skilled auto electricians in Bunbury

Caravans and motorhomes can often present some pretty unique electrical faults, especially in the area of lighting and wiring issues.

This is mainly due to the materials that are utilised in their construction, particularly fibreglass and modern plastics. Unfortunately, low voltage electricity doesn’t tend to flow through these materials (they are very poor conductors), and this means that most installations of this nature need an earth return to complete the lighting circuitry.

Expert in caravan electrical repairs

Our highly experienced auto electricians have a huge amount of experience in working on the electrical circuitry of motorhomes, caravans, boats, and trailers. Using their specialist equipment, they can carry out all the necessary tests that are required to tie down those otherwise difficult wiring and lighting faults.

Tests that we carry out include:

  • Installation persistence testing
  • Polarity testing on all power points
  • Earth continuity
  • Residual current device testing
  • Trailer plug and Anderson plug testing
  • All 12-volt circuits 12-volt appliances

Quality and customer care

As with all of the work that we carry out here at South West Auto Electrics, our caravan fault finding and repair work is only provided by highly skilled and qualified technicians. We pay utmost attention to detail, and customer care is one of our top priorities.

Many vehicle and caravan fires are caused by incorrectly installed wiring, especially following the fitting of accessories. Don’t trust the complex business of auto electrics to anyone other than a skilled auto electrician.

Call the experts in Bunbury now on 08 9791 2250.  

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